Katie MacAlister's A Girl's Guide to Vampires PDF

By Katie MacAlister

ISBN-10: 0505525305

ISBN-13: 9780505525307

Pleasure Randall's best five guidance for Vampire Hunters: situation, place, position. Vampires will not be stuck lifeless (ha!) in areas like discos, ten-minute lube outlets, or Switzerland. keep in mind, when you would not be there, neither may a bloodsucker. belief your eyes. you recognize the good-looking, annoyingly boastful, confident guy within the shadows with lengthy hair and a cleft in his chin? he is your vampire. irrespective of how tempting it would be, don't "accidentally" gather a paper minimize in your finger and recommend your vampire kiss it to make it higher. Play it cool. do not supply to accompany your prince of the evening at the talk-show circuit, and no matter what you do, do not supply him your middle! such a lot of all, take into account: being a vampire is not anything to giggle approximately.

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