Anthony Kenny's A New History of Western Philosophy Vol 1 Ancient Philosophy PDF

By Anthony Kenny

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Right here readers will locate not just an authoritative consultant to the background of philosophy, but in addition a compelling creation to each significant zone of philosophical inquiry. --from writer description

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On this basis nineteenth-century scholars sought to establish a grouping of the dialogues, beginning from the Wnal stage of Plato’s life. They studied the frequency in diVerent dialogues of diVerent features of style, such as the use of technical terms, preferences between synonymous idioms, the avoidance of hiatus, and the adoption of particular speech rhythms. On the basis of these stylometric studies, which by the end of the nineteenth century had covered some 500 diVerent linguistic criteria, a consensus emerged that a group of dialogues stood out by its similarity to the Laws.

16), and unlike the sophists he did not charge any fees or pretend to expertise that he lacked (Mem. 1. 6–7). Xenophon’s Socrates is an upright, rather wooden person, capable of giving shrewd, commonsensical advice in practical and ethical matters. In discussion he is quick to resolve ambiguities and to deXate cant, but he rarely ventures upon philosophical argument or speculation. In a rare case when he does so it is, signiWcantly, in order to prove the existence and providence of God. If an object is useful, Socrates argues, it must be the product of design, not chance; but our sense-organs are eminently useful and delicately constructed.

On the other hand, he found implausible Anaximenes’ idea of a horizontal rotation around a tilting earth. He put forward a new and ingenious explanation: the sun, he maintained, was new every day. It came into existence each morning from a congregation of tiny sparks, and later vanished oV into inWnity. The appearance of circular movement is due simply to the great distance between the sun and ourselves. It follows from this theory that there are innumerable suns, just as there are innumerable days, because the world lasts for ever even though it passes through aqueous and terrestrial phases (KRS 175, 179).

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