Download e-book for iPad: AbraVocabra: The Amazingly Sensible Approach to Teaching by Amy Rider, et al.

By Amy Rider, et al.

ISBN-10: 1877673323

ISBN-13: 9781877673320

Support your scholars increase their vocabularies with AbraVocabra, a e-book that makes instructing vocabulary effortless and powerful. The publication comprises 24 lists of 12 words—all phrases taken from newspapers, magazines, and tv. The phrases are functional phrases that any quite proficient individual is probably going to come across in actual life.AbraVocabra contains the following:"tip-off" sentences to aid scholars work out what the phrases mean;simple, student-friendly definitions;lots of rules for buying the scholars to exploit, and hence examine, the phrases; attention-grabbing checks that do greater than ask scholars to "regurgitate" definitions; andplaying playing cards and directions for enjoying the "Vocabra" game.AbraVocabra has every thing a instructor must support scholars extend their vocabularies.

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They walked around cautiously, fearing that the floor might cave in under their feet. They studied the map and followed the directions to the treasure trunk. It was just where the map said it would be. As the boys fell to their knees in front of the trunk, they heard an almost (8)_______________ moan. Because the sound was so faint, they ignored it. They pried the trunk lid open and stared with disappointment at thousands of (9)________________ coins. “I thought gold was supposed to be shiny,” Felix said.

Even though the pimple on Mitzi’s nose was minuscule, she thought it was the size of Mt. Everest. squalor: miserable, filthy conditions • Whenever we visit my sister’s apartment, my dad gets upset about the squalor she lives in. • The family had to live in squalor for two years before they could afford to rent a decent place. morbid: gruesome • Shannon thought the ax in Del’s head was way too morbid, even if it was fake. • Carolyn thought her grandparents were getting entirely too morbid. All they talked about were their illnesses and their funeral plans.

Paranoid ★ Bonus Words ____ 11. impeccable a. overly emotional b. overly suspicious c. goodness; moral excellence; a good quality or feature d. full of meaning; having great impact e. self respect and honor f. existing always, without beginning or end g. extreme confusion or disorder h. nasal spray i. faultless; free from error j. to rise from; to become visible or known k. warm and friendly l. warm and sweaty m. writing tool used in the Victorian era n. to humble yourself in a degrading way before someone o.

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