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Interest in acoustics maintains to extend. even though this department of technological know-how was once involved basically with the merchandising of qualitative and quantitative sound transmission till a couple of many years in the past, emphasis is presently positioned additionally at the dilemma of sound nuisance and, by way of extension, the environment of obstacles for permissible sound degrees in locations \vhere everyone is came upon. This final element particularly is exercise an increasing number of impact at the layout of constructions and machines, and on the town and kingdom making plans. additionally, sound vibrations, as a result of their actual features, are getting used more and more in disparate disciplines corresponding to navigation, scientific research and non­ harmful fabrics examine. The flood of guides due to this elevated curiosity in acoustics has resulted in progressively more humans being faced with terminology which had until eventually relatively re­ cently basically been utilized by a comparatively small staff of experts and had remained mostly unknown consequently. This 4 language dictionary, in keeping with 'W. Reichardt, Technische Akustik; Berlin 1979', has been compiled to make not just this literature but additionally the nomenclature of apparatus and directions for his or her use obtainable to the expert and the layman.

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N, Pause I des signaux de pistes differentes intervalle m, pause I indicatif III Pausenzeichen Jl unbetont, monoton Kennimpedanz J, Wellenwiderstand III des freien Raumes, Feldimpedanz impedance I m I de champ pauze-teken n eigen impedantie intrusion I opdringerigheid amplificateur 111 a contrereaction (reaction nega- tegenkoppelingsversterker tive) inversion f d'accord omkering van een drieklank intermodulation Iinversee omgekeerde overspraak mordant m inverse praltriller omgekeerde spraak ioneniuidspreker parole I inversee baut-parIeur In ionique microphone 111 ionique ionophone m In interval n, pauze ionofoon 1143 1144 ionospheric sounding irradiate acoustically Ionosphiireniotung I Schaii einstrablen, beschallen sondage 1145 1146 irradiated sound wave irrotational eingestrahIte Schallwelle I wirbel£rei onde Isonore irradiee non tourbillonnaire 1147 irrotational field wirbelfreies Feld II champ 1148 1149 isolation isophonic contour issuing ray iterative attenuation iterative attenuation factor iterative impedance Isolierung I Isofoniekurve I s.

Punktstrahler m nUr ein Ohr betreffend Modus m s. up elektrodynamischer Tonabnehmer m s. conductor loudspeaker moving .. technique M 156 muffle M 157 M 158 M 159 muffled muffler multicellular horn M 154 millioktaaf n minimum hoorbaarheid klein interval n mineursleutel mineurtoonladder modulation threshold modulus of decay molecular relaxation molecular resonant absorption moment of force moment of inertia monaural monitor monitor earphone monitoring amplifier monitor loudspeaker, Ml44 M 149 M 150 friture [de microphone milli-octave [ audibilite [minimum intervalle m mineur ton HI (mode m) mineur gamme [mineure moment ttl de force moment m d'inertie monaural resonantie krachtmoment n traagheidsmoment n vaar een oor controletelefoon amolificateur m de controle controleversterker haut-parleur m de controle controleluidspreker ecouteur m de monitor monofOOll monofonie monopool.

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