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Parenchymal fibers in brown adipose tissue form a network in 24 Adipose Tissues Fig. 12. Light microscopy of the retroperitoneal depot of a cold-acclimated adult rat. The animal was perfused with black ink and the paraffin section was counterstained with hematoxylin. The capillary network is marked by the black ink. Note that the area containing multilocular cells (right upper corner) is more vascularized. 215x. Fig. 13. Light microscopy (immunohistochemistry) of the anterior subcutaneous depot at the periphery of the interscapular brown adipose tissue of an adult rat.

White adipose tissue has been long known to behave like an organ located in various depots which differ according to gender. 1 In humans, abdominal fat mass is predominant in the male whereas the subcutaneous fat mass is more important in the female. Sex steroid hormones are likely to Adipose Tissues, edited by Susanne Klaus. com. 28 Adipose Tissues play a major role in these regional differences, but their causal and differential effects remain uncertain in relation to growth of the various WAT depots.

110 In order to reconcile conflicting data in GH action, it is assumed that clonal and primary preadipocytes represent early and late stages of the differentiation process, respectively, as primary preadipocytes should have been previously exposed to GH and «primed» in vivo. This hypothesis is consistent with the lipolytic effect of GH observed in more differentiated fat cells, and also consistent with the dramatic shift in receptor/signaling transduction pathways when preadipocytes undergo terminal differentiation into adipocytes.

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