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By R Ottewill (Eds.)

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It is unnecessary to consider phase 3 any further, so the superscript a is omitted for quantities associated with phase a. A superscript s identifies surface phase quantities. The surface mole fraction is given by p / " B > " A /A ct s where T = T and c = c^ c^. The area a^ per mole of mixture in the surface phase is given by, X + F S r ( n ) + X ( 3 ) + 1/TC a = m S (k) Combining equations (3) and (k) gives the surface excess of component A as r A = ( X A - A X ) / a m ( 5 ) and a similar relation is applicable to component B.

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M ,r°=o i a being zero. This is unlikely to be generally true. Choosing the reference solution o as that with the same m^ and 1 % as that of interest but with all rj=0 avoids this problem but poses the more serious difficulty that o° in this reference state is inaccessible. )/T as a function of T,p,J, ^(a-q ) ^ and bulk solution composition. Q By making use of equations 19 a and b we find that V k y -(h, -h, ; v -v. /Sy, \ T I \3x. ,m , j ' i' a' T,p,N ,m. ,m ,- — AT a a o. ( T M a T (a-a°) ' ' j' i' a'-T— P N m m ,(0-0°) ,„v For a single adsorbed species equn 25 reduces to equn 17 when the latter is divided by T°.

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