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Recall Christ's injunction to his disciples: "Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? "4 In this tradition, salt is a sacred condiment and at the same time the mark of difference — even of categorical opposition. One used to speak of the "salt of the covenant" or of an "covenant of salt" to suggest its incorruptible and venerable character; one would talk about "eating the salt of the palace" to express a man's belonging to his Lord. But here our taste of the real is not brightened by any calling, not seasoned by any message.

This is because, with the bland, we remain in the realm of perceived experience, even if it situates us at the very limit of perception, where it becomes most tenuous. The bland is concrete, even if it is discreet: hence the ability to evoke it in landscape. 33 IN PRAISE OF B L A N D N E S S A C H A N G E OF SIGN in its elemental capacity and "wondrous" renewal, any different from the faculty of eternal perseverance (from which all morality is derived)? Is it any different from this process that —because it is, as Zhu Xi also says, "pure" (neither deviating nor getting bogged down) — moves ever forward and "never ceases" (these being among the most ancient Chinese expressions for conveying that which constitutes the very basis of reality)?

5 The less evident a quality, the greater its capacity to grow. Plenitude is all the greater for its refusal to show itself. And let us take care not to misunderstand; this is not remotely a question of humility. Rather, this restraint is the very condition for non-exhaustion. Simplicity and plainness are the just measure of authenticity, which is situated at the opposite pole in relation to the flavorful — whose intensity and seductiveness are doomed to wear themselves out. The "blandness" of the Sage, however, is "never wearing" (junzi zhi dao dan er buyari).

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