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3 of romance's most well liked bestselling authors -- Amanda Ashley, Christine Feehan, and Ronda Thompson -- invite you to discover the darkish part, to style the forbidden, to dive into chance with heroes who hearth the blood and lay declare to the soul in those remarkable stories of sensual ardour. a guy hunts for a girl. but what if he's no usual male, yet a predator looking for prey? a depressing soul taking a look for the sunshine? A vampire, a werewolf, a mythic being who moves worry into the hearts of mortals? while day fades into evening, while worry turns into fascination, while the swirling seduction of eternal love overcomes the senses, it has to be after twilight.

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Blackthorne. Jason had told her an ancestor had painted it. She ran her fingers over the distinctive signature, and then she went into the kitchen and picked up the note Jason had left her that morning. Returning to the den, she compared the handwriting on the note to the signature on the painting. They were the same. With growing certainty she continued her search. There was a service porch off the kitchen-and a door —a locked door. She stared at it for a long moment, and then she placed her hand against the wood and knew, without doubt, that Jason was behind the door.

Surely, he had done nothing to deserve her love, her trust. He was a creature of the night, a man who had been cursed, but now felt blessed beyond belief. Her arms wrapped around him as she lifted her hips in welcome invitation, taking him deep within herself, cherishing him, loving him, until he wanted to weep with the wonder of it. She whispered that she adored him, and her words fell on his heart like sunshine, chasing the darkness from his soul, filling him with warmth and light, making him forget, for a moment, that he was more monster than man.

To weep. "Leanne, beloved…" He cupped her cheek in his hand and kissed her gently. "More," she whispered, and twining her arms around his neck, she kissed him passionately, her body pressing to his, inviting him to come closer. Her nearness, the wanting he read in her eyes, made his pulse race with desire. Too fast, he thought, they were moving too fast. If he was to have only this one night, he wanted to savor every moment. Leanne drew back, her eyes aglow. "Tell me," she whispered. html "No. " "A girl from my childhood.

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