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By Wolf Leslau

ISBN-10: 3447005548

ISBN-13: 9783447005548

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A floating barrier ć There was a boom across the entrance to the harbour. 2. a refuelling-probe on an aircraft boot /bu t/ noun 1. a strong item of footwear reaching above the ankle 2. a special compartment, usually at the back of a car or similar vehicle, for carrying luggage and tools boot camp / bu t k mp/ noun US an army training establishment for new recruits (usually with a particularly harsh regime) (informal ) Bora / bɔ rə/ noun a strong cold wind which blows in the Balkans border / bɔ də/ noun a frontier between two countries ć Two tank divisions crossed the border.

To cause damage to something ć He broke the window. ć He broke his leg. 2. to stop being in a close group ć The enemy has broken. 3. to stop an activity (usually for a short period) ć They broke for lunch. 4. ˽ to break contact to stop fighting with the enemy and withdraw. ı disengage ˽ to break cover to come out into the open breakage / brekd / noun a damaged object ć Soldiers have to pay for their breakages. break down / brek daυn/ verb 1. to suffer from a physical and mental collapse as a result of stress (used of people) ć He has broken down completely.

To clear water from a leaking boat ć They used their helmets to bale out. ball /bɔ l/ noun 1. a spherical object (normally used in sport) 2. 56mm ball. ı cannonball (NOTE: no ball plural in this meaning) ball-bearing / bɔ l beərŋ/ noun a ball-bearing small solid metal ball used to reduce friction in machinery ballistic /bə lstk/ adjective 1. relating to projectiles ć We have received the ballistic report on the shooting of Corporal Jones. 2. moving by the force of gravity ballistic bomb /bə lstk bɒm/ noun a bomb which is simply dropped onto a target by an aircraft.

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