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SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.1



I. Introduction:-

  1. Introduction To DW and BI Components
  2. Data warehousing Concepts—-OLTP/ETL/DW/BI/Publishing
  3. Schema—Star Schema, Extended Star Schema
  4. BO XI4.0 Architecture

Client tier components

Application tier components

Intelligence tier components

Processing tier components

Data Tier Components

  1. Comparison of SAP BW BI with SAP BO BI Tools.


WEEK-2 and WEEK-3

II. Information Design tool  and Using 3.x Universe Designer.

            1. Introduction to Universe Designer and Information design tool.

2. Universe designing strategies.

3. Working with Projects.

4. Creating Connections—RDBMS/OLAP/SAP

5. Creating Data Foundation.

  1. Creating Business Layer:-
  1. Using the Query Panel.
  2. Checking the Integrity.
  3. Publishing Resources and Managing Security.
  4. Working with Multi Source Universe Designing.
  5. Converting Universes from 3.x to 4.0.
  6. Overview of 3.x Universe Designing





III. Webi Rich Client (Web Intelligence).

  1. Web Intelligence—–Introduction.
  2. Creating, Importing and Exporting web intelligence Documents.
  3. Working with Queries In the Report
  4. Controlling the Queries Access and retrieve of the data.
  5. Scope of analysis and Query Context
  6. Combined Queries and Merging of the Dimensions, Purging.
  7. Ranking and Filtering.
  8. Alerter, Sections, Breaks and Sorts.
  9. Calculations, Formulas and Variables
  10. Displaying the data in Tables and Charts.
  11. Formatting of the report.
  12. SAP Bex Queries Reporting–Using BICS connection.


WEEK-5 and WEEK-6

IV. Crystal Reports.

  1. Introduction to Crystal reports.
  2. Sections of the Report, Sorting, Grouping, Selection
  3. Formatting and Charting of the report.
  4. Cross Tab Reporting, OLAP Reporting.
  5. Formulas, Prompts and Alerts.
  6. Groups and calculations.
  7. Sub reports and Hyperlinks.
  8. SAP Reporting

V. Dashboard Designer 4.0.

            1. Introduction-Creating Visualization and Updating data to Visualization

2. Designing the Simple Dashboard and Components of Xcelsius Visualizations.

3. Connection to Universe and Creating Dashboards

4. Creation of Dashboards based on Webi Documents.

5. Creation of Dashboards based on Crystal reports.

6. Creation of Dashboards from SAP Sources.

7. Using Different Components of Visualizations—Charts, Containers, Selectors, Maps.

8. Designing the Dynamic Dashboards by Using

*        Live Office.

*        Query As Web Service

VI. BO Widgets.

  1. Installing the BI widgets.
  2. Using Bi Widgets to access BI content.
  3. Working with BI widgets.
  4. Importing the Xcelsius, webi documents as Widget.
  5. Other features of Widgets.


VII. Voyager./Olap Connection Wizard or Analysis for OLAP

  1. Introduction.
  2. Creation of Voyager/OLAP connections at CMC Level
  3. Generating the reports by using Charts, sorting, Filtering and ranking the data.
  4. Saving and sharing the Voyager workspaces
  5. Working with SAP BW system.

VIII. BI Launch Pad(Info view), BO-Publisher

  1. Using BO Publisher.
  2. Publishing the Report .
  3. Viewing the Report By using Info view and BI Launch Pad

IX. LUMIRA and MS analysis For Office, Design Studio.

X. BO Explorer, Upgrade Manager, Lifecycle Manager, etc.