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UN IT is the only institute in Kolkata to provide latest technologies training on UI5, OData and Fiori, Technopad ameerpet has experienced trainers on ABAP, UI5, OData & Fiori, We provide Online, Fast track and Weekend training on UI5, OData & Fiori for people across India and abroad.

All trainers at UN IT are real times experts in Kolkata working on ABAP, UI5, OData & Fiori, They take up trainings at our ERP Academy in their free time as they have passion towards training.

Through our experiential training mode, we seamlessly provide practical academic and certification training programs on ABAP, UI5, OData & Fiori for companies and colleges across Kolkata and India. Our trainers have strong training experience on ABAP, UI5, OData & Fiori.

UN IT at Kolkata provides flexibility to the students to choose classroom training on ABAP, UI5, OData & Fiori according to their work schedule.

Our HR department at Kolkata office provides students placements with companies across Kolkata and India.

Below are details of UI5, OData & Fiori.

What is UI5 ?

SAPUI5 Training is all about SAP User Experience design, SAP UI5 framework, and the overall SAP UI5 strategy. It helps to create desktop and mobile apps with rich user interfaces for modern Web business applications.

What are Pre-Requisite to learn SAP UI5 , OData & Fiori ?

Anybody who has at least 2 years of IT Experience (SAP ABAP is not Mandatory)

Who can do SAP UI5 , OData or Fiori course ?

Anyone who has Knowledge on basic html, java script or java is enough .We will take care of the rest.

Is SAP ABAP necessary to learn this course?

Not necessary, but having SAP ABAP knowledge will be a plus point to learn SAP UI5 , OData & Fiori, as you can learn how to implement backend business process.  Overall, not necessary to have SAP ABAP Knowledge.

Will I get study material on SAP UI 5 ?

Yes, once you enroll we will share all the material required for SAP UI5, OData & Fiori

What about SAP UI5 Trainer?

Our trainer has 10 years of experience, he is a real time employee, training is his passion, he is experienced in SAP ABAP, UI5 , OData & Fiori .

He has taken numerous corporate training batches on SAP ABAP, UI5 , OData & Fiori course

What is Course Duration for SAP UI5 , OData & Fiori ?

SAP UI5 & ODate will be for 45 days, plus Fiori will be 15 more days.

If not class room training, can I take up online training?

Yes, we provide online, class room and fast track training on UI5, OData & Fiori. You can join as per your convenience.

Can I get course content for SAP UI5?

Find below

SAP UI5 Course Content

  1. SAPUI5 Overview
  2. SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5
  3. SAPUI5 on Eclipse Installation
  4. Programming Applications
  5. Creating a SAPUI5 Project
  6. Model – View – Controller
  7. Creating project on MVC architecture
  8. Databinding concepts
  9. Modol concepts
  10. Layouut concepts
  11. Simple controls
  12. Complex controls
  13. Databinding – Odata
  14. Resource Handling / Localization
  15. Launchpad in SAPUI5
  16. sap.m library
  17. MVC project using sap.m library
  18. SplitView Concept in SAP UI5
  19. Custom Control in SAPUI5
  20. Theme designer in SAPUI5
  21. Deploy SAPUI5 applications
  22. Netweaver gateway concept
  23. Working with CRUD applications
  24. Sample project with backend database


Few SAP UI5 Interview Questions:

What is SAPUI5 and Why and SAP UI5 is required in this present business world?

Write the difference between HTML5 & SAP UI5?

Explain difference between SAP UI5 & Fiori?

Explain Component and show Navigation component in SAP UI5?

What is required to start UI5 development in eclipse?

Why, When and How to use formatter in SAP UI5?

What is response web design how to create it?

Write Types of Data modules available in SAP UI5?

What is JSON Model?

What is XML Model?

What is ODATA Model?

What is Resource Model?

Show the difference between JSON Model and OData Model?

Explain Metadata Annotations and common Metadata Annotations?

Explain SAP UI5 Bootstrapping?

Explain About SAP Fiori Launchpad?

SAP OData Course Content: 

  1. Deployment options for SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  2. Introduction to REST
  3. Introduction to OData
  4. OData query options
  5. Data modeling basics
  6. Creating OData services with the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder:
    • Modeling and implementing OData services manually
    • BOR/RFC Generator
    • Redefining services
    • Service composition
  7. Registering and testing a service
  8. Security
  9. Support of multiple backend systems:
    • Routing capability
    • Multi origin composition
  10. Overview of the different options to consume OData services published by SAP NetWeaver Gateway


Overview of what is SAP Fiori course:

SAP Fiori is a collection of apps that represent the new SAP user experience paradigm. These apps speak a consistent design language and make use of a common technical infrastructure. By blurring traditional computing boundaries and by using interactive and attractive UI elements, they provide a consistent end-to-end user experience and can be used across all device types without creating additional implementation effort.SAP Fiori is a collection of apps that represents the new SAP user experience paradigm. SAP Fiori offers various business roles a simple, easy-to-use experience for SAP software functions, and works seamlessly on desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

Pre-requisites to learn SAP Fiori:

Practical knowledge of common business processes

Knowledge of integrated processes in an SAP System

Familiar with SAP ERP system and/or have SAP ERP implementation experience

Ability to understand of software components and architecture

SAP FIORI Course Content:

  1. Overview of the SAP Fiori solution
  2. Introduction to SAP Fiori Apps (Manager & Employee)
  3. SAP UX strategy relating to SAP Fiori
  4. SAP Fiori architectures and technology (App types, Architecture structure/details, hardware & software requirements)
  5. Role of SAP SAPUI5
  6. Basics of SAP NetWeaver Gateway OData Services
  7. Configuration overview – Transactional, Fact Sheets, Analytical & Launchpad
  8. Launchpad overview and functions
  9. Launchpad configuration
  10. Theme Designer overview
  11. SAP Fiori security
  12. Installation overview & tasks
  13. Configure Transactional Apps & Factsheets (Search, NW Gateway, Central UI Add-On, Product Specific Add-On)
  14. Introduction of end to end Data Flow
  15. SAP Business Workflow basics
  16. Custom Workflow scenarios to Approve Requests
  17. Extensibility overview (Concept, skills, tools)
  18. OData extensibility (Taskflow & SAP NW Gateway)
  19. UI Field extensibility (Tools, method, concepts)
  20. HANA XS Engine overview & architecture
  21. Analytical Apps overview
  22. Configuration of Analytical Apps (KPI prerequisites, general overview, how to create KPIs)
  23. Configuration of a KPI
  24. Basic issue troubleshooting resources