Digital Marketing course in Kolkata with UN IT ERP Academy

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Flexible Fee Structures

  • Best Experienced Faculties

  • 100% Placement Assistance

Description :

Apply for a Digital Marketing course in Kolkata with UN IT ERP Academy

Are you looking for a course to make a bright career for your future prospects? Then, do not look anymore ahead. UN IT ERP Academy has the best courses related to Digital Marketing that can propel your career a length ahead. We are experts in Digital Marketing courses and can provide in-depth training in Digital Marketing courses. Our leading faculty members and staff can provide immense support and conduct related tests to ensure a great learning experience with us.

We at UN IT ERP Academy have the proper expertise and accreditation to provide courses to willing students wanting to make a career in Digital Marketing. We even provide 100 % placement support to individuals opting for courses with our institution. Candidates can easily enroll themselves in our advanced Digital Marketing courses from our website available online.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a strategy to promote and utilize marketing skills for creating a brand for an organization. Digital marketing is mainly concerned with utilizing the web medium and individuals can easily promote their products and items utilizing social media or web platforms. That way, the brand attracts a huge base of consumers and helps in generating good revenue by selling its products.

Who can opt for our Digital Marketing course?

Digital Marketing courses can be opted for by anyone who has a keen knack and passion for this field of knowledge. There is no major pre-requisite in getting enrolled in a Digital Marketing course nor it is academically certified by universities. You can easily enroll yourself in this course to get fundamental insights and knowledge regarding the subject. We at UN IT ERP Academy provide a 6-month extensive course for our students and help them with getting jobs with multi-national organizations.

Students can also check various YouTube content and vlogs regarding Digital Marketing and can gain some essential insights into the different courses involved. Our faculties have trained professionals with experience in the Digital Marketing field and can help students in executing real-time applications over various projects. Finding the proper courses in Digital Marketing from UN IT Academy for sharpening our skills can have several beneficial aspects in becoming a trained Digital Marketing expert in the industry.

Distinct roles and duties of Digital Marketing experts

Let us check the different roles and duties of a Digital Marketing expert encapsulated below:

  • Digital Marketing Project-in-charge.
  • Digital Marketing Planner and Strategist
  • Social Media management professional
  • PRs
  • SEO experts
  • Graphic designers and developers
  • PPC professionals
  • Content Writers
  • Vloggers
  • Bloggers and much more.

Perks of enrolling in Digital Marketing courses with us at UN IT ERP Academy

Let us check the few important perks for enrolling in our Digital Marketing courses from UN IT ERP Academy.

  • Skilled and highly trained faculty members with extensive expertise in the industry.
  • Extensive study materials and test assignments for the improved training process.
  • Flexibility in course timings according to the availability of students.
  • Real-life projects and training over live scenarios within organizations.
  • Expert guidance and support from world-class teachers and professionals.
  • Engaging students regarding inductions, interviews, concepts, and advertising knowledge in the Digital Marketing field.
  • 100% placement guaranteed after completion of our courses.