Studying Sales Force courses with us at UN IT ERP Academy

  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Level: Intermediate
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Description :

Studying Sales Force courses with us at UN IT ERP Academy

If you are looking for the best courses in SalesForce, then you have come to the right destination. UN IT ERP Academy provides the best courses in SalesForce and students get trained by the best faculty members and trained professionals in the industry. We have hundreds of modules and assignments for candidates interested in enrolling in our courses and provide the proper guidance in the selected subjects. Enroll yourself and shoot for a prosperous career in the field of Sales Force.

What is Sales Force as a profession?

Before getting into the proper description of the Sales Force it is essential to know what is CRM. In the initial days, businesses and organizations would take in accountants and professionals to jot down the data and bills over a physical file system. This process turned out to be quite tedious and error-prone as manual involvement had complications. Thus, for this matter, the utilization of CRM came into existence.

CRM or customer relationship management helps in automatically uploading the data and other related documents on cloud-based software for reporting purposes. Sales Force is basically a cloud-based software solution that provides various tools to find better prospects, successfully close deals, and provide CRM services to their customers. The CRM platform can also help in checking the related data and metrics involved with a front-end dashboard for getting insights into the data.

Distinct services provided by Sales Force

There are various distinct services provided by SalesForce and a few are enlisted below for the readers to check.

  • SAAS or Software as a Service – This relates to getting the software directly and utilizing it for our purposes.
  • PAAS or Platform as a Service – This provides the essential platform and the structure to develop websites and applications.
  • IAAS or Infrastructure as a Service – It is related to providing infrastructure services regarding Sales Force development.

Who can opt for the Sales Force course with UN IT ERP Academy?

There are no such major criteria for getting enrolled in the Sales Force course with UN IT Academy. A few of the essential benchmarks for applying for the course in encapsulated below.

  • Candidates should have an IT background
  • A Fresher who has completed his graduation and wants to pursue a career in Marketing or Sales
  • An administrator at Sales Force who wants to get into development
  • Any professional opting to pursue a career in Sales Force
  • Any professional with extensive knowledge of IT and programming languages
  • A project or Program Manager trying to lead SalesForce projects.

Benefits and Advantages of studying Sales Force with UN IT ERP Academy

There are several benefits for students and professionals wanting to study Sales Force with UN IT ERP Academy. A few of them are encapsulated below for checking.

  • Highly Trained faculty with expert professionals from the industry
  • Live projects and professional reporting on the projects
  • Vast course modules and assignments related to different projects.
  • Adjustable class timings that can be conducted according to the student’s availability.
  • Special guidance from faculty members regarding assignments and class tests.
  • 100% placement guarantee for students applying for the SalesForce course.